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By | May 4, 2017

Equity Residential Washington DC Office, here Equity Residential Washington DC mailing, postal/physical office contact details available with useful information like Equity Residential Washington DC customer service number, Equity Residential USA Toll Free Number, Equity Residential customer service email, etc. Equity Residential Washington DC Office and customer service department provides all types of customer support during and after working hours through telephone numbers, fax number, email and office locations. Some time, customers want to get full contact details of Equity Residential Washington DC regional office and want to get better support from customer service department. So, for this, we are here to provide you complete information.

In this post you can check all about the regional office of Equity Residential Washington DC including mailing and postal office address and contact numbers. You can also find other information here like Equity Residential Complaints Number USA, office address of Equity Residential Washington DC, telephone number of Equity Residential Washington DC Office with fax number and email address. If you are looking for headquarter Equity Residential Washington DC, so you have visited at best place. From here, you will receive completed contact information.

About Equity Residential Washington DC: Equity Residential Washington DC is one of the service areas of Equity Residential USA, is fully operated under the Equity Residential company. Equity Residential is a name in Apartments industry, which has been working there since 1969. Equity Residential is a real estate investment trust that was founded by Samuel Zell, having head office in Chicago, Illinois. The company provides Property Management services in all states including Washington DC, and the company has invested in over 316 properties for 85,391 apartments.

If you want to contact or visit to Equity Residential customer service office or Equity Residential Washington DC office address. For your kind information, you can get all types of information and help from Equity Residential regional office such as customer support, general questions, products information, etc. So below, you can find Equity Residential Washington DC regional office contact information with other useful links.

Equity Residential Washington DC Office Contact Details

Equity Residential Washington DC regional or mailing/postal/physical office helps you all types of problems or queries before and after selling any product of/from Equity Residential Washington DC. You can contact with office team through helpline numbers, email and visiting at office.

Contact Details of Equity Residential Washington DC Regional Office:

  • Equity Residential Washington Office Address:51 University, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98101, United States
  • Equity Residential Washington DC Office Address: 1500 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Suite 25
  • Washington, DC 20005, United States
  • Equity Residential Washington DC Office Phone Number:+1-206-577-9038 (Seattle, WA), +1-202-971-7111 (Washington, DC)
  • Equity Residential Washington DC Office Fax Number:NA
  • Equity Residential Washington DC Office Email:NA

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Equity Residential USA Headquarters Contact Details:

Some time, customer unable to get service from customer care, so they try to get in touch with headquarters department. Here, you can also check Equity Residential Headquarters Contact Details to get solution from them. Equity Residential headquarters also allows customers to get in touch for any kind of information or support. For more information, you can visit at the official website or at Equity Residential Headquarters Office Address, Contact Number, Email

Useful Links of Equity Residential Online Support:

Click here for apartments in Washington DC

Equity Residential Washington DC Official Website: www.equityapartments.com

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One thought on “Equity Residential Washington DC Office Address, Contact Number, Email

  1. Olivia Garcia

    March 4, 2018

    Equity Residential – Regional Office
    Washington DC Area Office
    1500 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Suite 25
    Washington, DC 20005

    Re: Unprofessional/horrible experience as tenants at The Reserve at Eisenhower
    5010 Eisenhower, Unit 307

    Dear Equity Residential,

    We are writing this letter to inform you of the negative yet impactful experiences we had at The Reserve at Eisenhower. Mr. Hoppe has resided at the above address since September 2013. Dr. Garcia was added to the lease in August 2016. We have been residents for almost 5 years.

    A series of events transpired that have left us with a horrible impression of the current management team and we would like to share with you the entire experience. Most importantly, you just need to know that there is a lack of communication between leasing agents and maintenance staff and generally just poor customer service.

    There are two glaring examples of this. The first is the way in which the packaging system functions. We bring this up since accepting packages is one of the “perks” of living at The Reserve at Eisenhower. We were told we received a package and when we go to pick it up, the package is not there. There is no record if someone else picked up our package or if in fact it was delivered. It is very frustrating to take advantage of this amenity – we’ve reverted to just receiving packages at work rather than our home.

    Additionally, we lived through a remodeling (September 2017) and that was not a positive experience since the external remodeling company did not keep to their schedule and moved our personal items after we said we would work around their schedule to move our own things. At the end of the remodeling nightmare, we shared with both the property manager and the maintenance supervisor that we were very displeased that our personal items were touched and that we prefer that not to happen again. This was done through an in-person walk-through in October 2017 with both of them. We also highlighted that the remodeling contractors broke our ice maker because they stuffed our food into the freezer (something they were not supposed to do). Instead of ordering a replacement part immediately, the maintenance supervisor “forgot” and we had to file another maintenance request months later so that the ice maker was fixed. This is a prime example of a lack of professionalism and customer-centered attitude by the individuals employed by your corporation.
    [Page 2, Re: Unprofessional/horrible experience as tenants at The Reserve at Eisenhower
    5010 Eisenhower, Unit 307]

    Moreover, Dr. Garcia filed a series of maintenance requests are one time (which should really be a red flag that our apartment needed to be better kept) on February 19, 2018. She followed up with an email to the property manager and general email address indicating that if they could let her know when the maintenance would be schedule, we would move our personal items, so the walls could be patched up. The maintenance staff apparently didn’t get the email and touched a variety of religious and spiritual artifacts – we were devastated, particularly since we had made the property staff aware of how important it is for us to move/touch our own items (which was expressed in person during the post remodel walk through). The email referenced in this paragraph is included in this letter as well along with the follow up emails from the property manager.

    Most importantly, since 2015, there have been issues with the water heater. Those are recorded in the attached document labeled “Chronological Work Order.” You will see a total number of 8 issues with the water heater alone. Despite complaint after complaint, the water heater was never replaced, simply temporarily fixed. Additionally, 16 complaints over 59 days were recorded into the maintenance request system and were verbally discussed this issue with the head of maintenance and the property manager. They both provided us with a series of excuses on why they hadn’t replaced our water heater despite the repeated complaints that lead us for embarrassing moments amongst our professional colleagues. They also explained that they do not necessarily invest in units but rather just haphazardly fix things as they come up.

    The primary excuse that took us by surprise about our water heater was, “Do you have any idea how expensive a water heater is? We can’t afford to replace all the ones that are causing problems,” shared by the property manager. We were very taken aback by this response given that we have paid rent on time for the last few years and replacing a water heater is not something a large management property normally thinks twice about. Additionally, Dr. Garcia’s parents are landlords in Texas, like Virginia, has laws about replaces equipment used daily as soon as possible since that affects quality of living. We have included photos of what the old water heater looked like. You can see the rust and we shudder to think about what kind of containments we were consuming since this also made up our drinking water.

    The continuous requests we have to make to get anything actually fixed in our unit along with these encounters with staff from The Reserve at Eisenhower have left us with a very negative impression of this property. On average, for larger maintenance jobs, we have to submit several requests before anything is actually fixed – they really just prefer short, quick fixes as mentioned above. Our Google Reviews indicate our continuous absence of satisfaction. This relationship is irreparable in our opinion and while we were considering renewing our lease for yet another year, we are just not sure we can get passed this.

    We wrote this letter to make the corporate entity aware of what is going on at The Reserve at Eisenhower. We hope that someone gives the maintenance and leasing staff adequate training on customer service within property management. We also expect to receive some kind of rent

    [Page 3, Re: Unprofessional/horrible experience as tenants at The Reserve at Eisenhower
    5010 Eisenhower, Unit 307]

    discount or perhaps to be let out of our lease without paying the early termination fee given these experiences.

    Thank you for your time.


    Christopher J. Hoppe and Olivia Garcia, PhD


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