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By | May 2, 2017

Panera Bread Headquarters Contact Details provided by our team will help you to get in touch with headquarters department easily and quickly. Our team will help you to find Panera Bread USA corporate office address, Panera Bread mailing address, Panera Bread physical office address, telephone number, fax number and email id with useful information like Panera Bread USA toll free number, Panera Bread USA Customer Service email id, etc.

Some time, customers want to get full contact details of corporate headquarters of Panera Bread and want to get better support from customer service department. So, for this, we are here to provide you complete information. Panera Bread Headquarters and customer service department provides all types of customer support during and after working hours through telephone numbers, fax number, email and office staff. In this post you can check all about the HQ of Panera Bread, Panera Bread mailing address and Panera Bread postal office address. You can also find other information here like corporate office address of Panera Bread, Panera Bread Complaints Number USA, telephone number of Panera Bread Head Office with fax number and email address.

About Panera Bread: Panera Bread Company is a famous chain of bakery-café fast casual restaurants based in the United States, and additionally based in Canada. The company belongs to fast food industry and offers Fast casual/Bakery-café, bagel and baguettes, cold sandwiches, hot panini, salads, soups, coffee, teas, etc. Panera Bread Company was started by Kenneth J. Rosenthal, Ronald M. Shaich, and Louis Kane in 1987 from Kirkwood, Missouri. Now, the company has more than 2000 stores across the United States and Canada, and all business is operated from head office in Sunset Hills, Missouri. The company also runs a subsidiary, named Paradise Bakery & Café.

If you want to contact or visit to Panera Bread customer care office or Panera Bread corporate head office address. For your kind information, you can get all types of information and help from Panera Bread corporate headquarters such as customer support, general questions, products information, etc. So below, you can find Panera Bread Headquarters contact information with other useful links.

Panera Bread Headquarters HQ Contact Details

Panera Bread Corporate Headquarters or mailing/postal/physical office helps you all types of problems or queries before and after selling any product of/from Panera Bread. You can contact with head office team through helpline numbers, email and visiting at office.

Contact Details of Panera Bread Corporate Headquarters:

  • Panera Bread Headquarters Address:Panera Bread Company, 3630 S. Geyer Road, Suite 100, St Louis, Missouri 63127, United States
  • Panera Bread Headquarters Phone Number:+1-314-984-1000
  • Panera Bread Headquarters Fax Number:+1-314-909-3300
  • Panera Bread Headquarters Email:NA

Panera Bread Headquarters Mailing Address: NA

Social Profiles of Panera Bread

In addition to contact details, Panera Bread also allows customers to use live chat and social pages to get customer support.

Panera Bread Facebook Page:

Panera Bread Twitter Page:

Panera Bread Official Website:

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13 thoughts on “Panera Bread Headquarters Office Address, Contact Number, Email

  1. Vince

    I was in line for a number of minutes (10min) but when I was about to place my order at 10:33 ….3 min after breakfast had closed I was told sorry I can help you, no thing was said that lefts see what we can do I was just turned away because of 3 min, when I was in line before the deadline of 10:30.

  2. Angela Cristina

    Today was August 12, 2017, I went to Panera Bread #2324 @ Tarentum PA to place my order along with my reward card that I first signed up through online. It said on your next visit – get one free pastry or sweet welcome. The cashier named Haley was not friendly with me at all!! After I picked my order, I was puzzled because I was told when I first signed up online to get one reward. I went back to Haley and told her. She didn’t understand me. I wrote it down what I was told that I first signed up online to get a free treat. She blabbed along with her manager and they said oh okay. I was liked I didn’t understand what they were talking about because I only was lipreading, but I still could not get what she was trying to tell me. Why can’t she write it down to let me know what she was trying to say??? Why can’t they treat nice to any deaf customers by writing down? What is wrong with them? I felt so insult from them the way they treated me because I am deaf! That was not very nice of them! I was very disappointed and told her “NEVER MIND” and I left the store!!! They should treat nice to any disability customers when they place their orders and should help them out for any updates on their rewards! Will I be able to get a free treat since I first signed up the rewards???? Why can’t they treat everyone equally???? Please let me know ASAP!!!! My receipt said 8/12/2017 and Check # 628389. You can speak with that manager on that day she worked.

    Thank you,
    Angela Cristina

  3. B.F. TINGLE

    There is a name on my account I DO NOT know and need it taken off do I do it? Cked my account page and no help…..

  4. Susan George

    I went to the store today number 1695 in Upland California I ordered my normal sandwich in which I’ve ordered at least 20 times I asked for Romaine lettuce instead of regular lettuce I have never ever been told we won’t put Romaine on it I’ve always have romaine and there’s never been a question on it when I went to the back counter to fill my drink and pick up my sandwich my name is the only one app on the board what feels like drink sat down waited it seemed to take an awful long time I should have to find out what was going on and I noticed the girl sprinkled something on my sandwich when they gave me the sandwich wrapped up I asked what did she speak about my sandwich the manager goes salt and pepper sprinkle it on all sandwiches I told him no I didn’t order it with salt and pepper I’m highly allergic to Pepper why would I ordered that way he says it’s standard we do it on every sandwich I told him I’ve ordered at least 20 sandwiches here I never got salt and pepper on it it’s appalling to know that a manager with argue with a customer I asked him to make me another sandwich so he did when I got home I noticed that my sandwich I didn’t have extra mayonnaise like I ordered and I guess it took it he took it out on the Romaine that he put on my sandwich I’m counted 20 white pieces of the core of the lettuce and very few pieces of Romaine I could my sandwich of the cores off which my refrigerator and put my own Romaine on

  5. Eiram A.

    On 10/17, I received an email promo on a Free You pick 2, if I purchase 3 breakfast within the week, ending 10/23/17. For a bonus, it says I was given 1 visit already and just need to do 2 visits. I purchased 2 breakfasts, one on 10/20 and one 10/23 but didn’t get the free reward . I emailed Panera Customer (Question Reference # 171023-000533) and was advised that the visit on the 23rd did not apply to the promotion because a Breakfast item was not purchased. My reply was – It didn’t say purchase “breakfast item menu”, but “purchase breakfast”. NOTHING AT ALL on the promo email says purchase Panera “breakfast item menu”. I bought bagel at about 6:30 AM (breakfast time) on 10/23 for my breakfast. And bagel is a very popular breakfast food. So , I did purchase a breakfast. Your ad is very very very misleading and totally disappointing for customers like me. It was very very deceiving promo. I got a reply back again from Panera telling me to go online to see the list of breakfast items. Really???

  6. Reggie Billingsworth

    This is to warn you that in case you haven’t noticed on any google reviews, the Panera at 8200 Transit Rd, Amherst, NY 14221, USA seems to have acquired a reputation for messiness. This situation was confirm when I visited it three days ago in late October. A new cashier was being trained, we were served promptly and the food was tasty BUT, the place was filthy! It looked like a hurricane had hit: napkins, food, spilled drinks, straws and paper coverings all over tables and the floor. It did not appear that anyone had been clearing &/or washing tables for days or they would have had to wade through the crap on the floor to get there and perhaps noticed the condition of the place. I was so shocked I couldn’t believe it.
    HOW can you at head office allow this?
    And it’s been going on for months it seems if you check those google reviews.
    Surely your company with it’s direct appeal to ‘healthy menu choices’ cannot condone such slack standards? (“Enjoy your healthy meal but don’t sit on the sticky chairs or touch the germ-laden table.”????) If this keeps up, I wouldn’t be surprised if the local health authorities get notified. Your call.

  7. Dorothy Chase

    I went to Panera Bread on. Friday Nov.10th @ 7:30 ..before I even opened my mouth to place my order ..the girl said “we have No soup” o.k I said well how about Macaroni “No” she said ..I was taken back by how rude she was.

  8. Beverly A. Hannon

    My husband and I have eaten at Panera’s on Collins Rd. NE in Cedar Rapids, IA over the years and love your food. However, since Panera’s started taking phone orders for pick up, wait time has increased substantially for in house customers. Where this store used to have 4 order stations, usually with 4 employees, it now has two with sometimes only 1 employee. At times there have been 2 other employees looking at the screen for take out orders, ignoring those of us standing in line. this is not a complaint about the employees. YOU DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH HELP AT BUSY TIMES AND ORDERS GET MIXED UP TOO OFTEN.

    Today, 12-7-17, my husband and I went early to avoid the rush, but it didn’t help. We had to wait in line for a 2nd employee to help us. My husband ordered a cup of squash soup and got a bowl of soup. I ordered a Thai spicy chicken salad to go (so I would have a take out container and dressings on the side) I got a Fiesta southern chicken salad (or whatever it’s called) all mixed up. I took it back and waited at least 10 minutes for the right salad. No apology – nada, because the few employees were too busy.

    Why don’t you hire more workers during rush hours? This is very annoying. I had thought of buying stock in Panera’s, but now I wonder how long you’ll stay popular? I would appreciate a response. Thank you.

  9. Maggie stover

    Ate at your,restaurant in Schaumburg il today. As I was paying, the pinpsd asked if o would like to tip. Do your associates wait on me, deliver my coffee or meal, ask to refill my coffee, no. You need to pay them more if you need to ask that question. Will not eat at your establishment again.

  10. Christ

    Is it normal for managers to cut shifts and hours when employees ask for help more often? Is it normal for managers to say “I don’t know” when questions about scheduling and availability come up? Is it normal for managers to guilt people into staying longer after they’ve already skipped their break and stayed late to finish they’re work just because someone didn’t show or call? Is it normal for managers to promise set schedule and then move people to different positions each month? Is it normal for a general manager to bring up a person’s suicide to punish a depressed and suicidal employee into doing more work? Is it normal for managers to spend 30-45 min smoking cigarettes during rush hour when the line is struggling? Is it normal for a prep employee to have to help all other positions and still stay super late to finish prep and still be told off about not getting enough done? Is it normal for managers to punish some for eating without paying while others have to skip breaks to finish their work? Is it normal for managers to completely over look some associates negativity but to blame it all on a few others? Is it normal for managers to tell employees that they have to work over doctors appointments they ha previously scheduled and gotten approved? Is it normal for managers to completely disrespect availability? I don’t think so. These are just a few reasons I’m leaving the Panera work force. Someone really needs to take over and bring Panera at Haywood back to gold standard because it is not and the people doin things by the standard an procedure are the ones that are seriously underpaid, berated and punished for the mistakes and problems of others. The amount of manager to employee favoritism is out of control at this store. It needs to change. 708 Haywood rd Greenville SC Panera bread

  11. Liesa Harrison

    My name is Liesa Harrison. Tim Simonsen and I would like to introduce our selves. Our office is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are Retail and Investment Brokers with Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors.
    Is Utah on your radar? If so we would love the opportunity to be your feet on the ground and assist you in site selection.
    With ICSC/ Las Vegas just around the corner we have created some Restaurant competition maps that we would like to set up a time to review with you and see if there are any areas that might be of growth interest.
    Thank you in advance for your time, let us know If you would like to further discuss.
    Liesa Harrison

  12. sebastian

    . I pray this message finds someone in a position to correct this long standing issue at your location in Chicago. As an individual that deals with the public, I’m shocked that an employee of such an establishment is allowed to behave in a negative manner. Here’s the situation. On Sunday, April 15, 2018, I went to your 501 s. State st. location to purchase a BLT. When I arrived, I noticed that a traditional BLT wasn’t on offer, so when I approached the cashier, Vereniece, to ask whether they had a traditional BLT, she proceeded to explain what it entailed. She seemed to be bugged that I went to her station instead of the automated kiosk. When she was explaining the ingredients, I shook my head at the sourdough bread explanation, because I was going to ask her to substitute a different bread. However as she was explaining the ingredients, she finished with a full attitude by this point (maybe because I wasn’t allowed to shake my head), and proceeded to say “that’s what we have, other than that we don’t HAVE BLT’s!”. I was and still am at a loss as to why she had such a nasty attitude. I am a concierge for Bluegreen Vacations, and I deal with owners all day, and no matter their disposition, I always give them my best mood (maybe its just me, but I believe in you get what you give). They also ask for food recommendations, and since my is 2 blocks away, I always send them to Panera instead of the potbelly that’s in my building (I’m not a potbelly fan). I had never visited that Panera location, but thought it would be just as nice as the other locations. It isn’t. They don’t greet you or say hello, and everyone seemed to be in various stages of depression. I went back in to the store to get the ladies name for my BBB complaint and I had to ask the manager her name, because she was covering it up with her arm. The manager never stopped to ask what the issue was. Guess they could care less about disgruntled shoppers. So, not wanting to feel like I was just over reacting I went on Yelp…….. WOW!! Do you guys review yelp??? There were a lot of similar complaints about terrible reception from the staff there. May I be given the contact info of whoever is in charge there? It doesn’t make any sense AT ALL to have a location with such poor staff and no one held to account. As a large corporation, you’d think you guys would be on top of this. I pray whoever gets this letter does a retraining there. I’d also like an apology from the rep and the manager…… the experience cant be fully encapsulated in this medium…… you had to be there to hear the disdain and repulsion Vereniece gave me. Thank you, and I hope someone responds to this.

  13. Brian Nelson Howe

    Panera ripped my son off on his last paycheck, was treated unfairly by management, and failed to provide money he has earned. This will be reported to other state agencies and I would advise anyone seeking employment not to work for this shady organization when they fail to pay employees for work they have performed. This is against the law and this company will be reported for ripping my son off even if it was his last check for 7 hours its against the law and no way to treat people.


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