Sony Corporation Headquarters Address, Contact Number, Email Id

Sony Corporation Headquarters Address, Contact Number, Email Id and other information is available here including how to contact Sony Corporation Headquarters, phone and fax number of Sony Corporation Headquarters, email Id of Sony Corporation Headquarters, etc. Here, you can also check Official Instagram id, Twitter Account, Facebook Page, YouTube Channel & all social media profile links operated by headquarters.

Sony Corporation Headquarters Contact Information

Sony Corporation is a Japan based multination company that operates across the world through subsidiaries. This Company has established its global headquarters in Sony City, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. The company has setup head office in Japan at 1-7-1 Konan Minato-Ku, 108-0075 Japan. Below, you can check contact information of Sony Corporation Headquarters and can use for general information, sales support, technical support, many more.

Office Address 1-7-1 Konan Minato-Ku, 108-0075 Japan
Phone Number +81-3-6748-2111
Fax Number +81-3-54482244
Email ID NA

Use these verified contact information to contact with Sony Corporation HQ. We are going to briefly describe about Sony Corporation and contact details with social media pages.

About Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation known for consumer and professional electronics, gaming, entertainment and financial services. The company was founded on 7 May 1946 by Masaru Ibuka, Akio Morita. Sony Corporation belongs to the industries such as: Conglomerate, etc. Sony deals in Mobile Phone, Computers, Laptop, Television, LED, LCD, Camera, Tablet, etc. Its services Financial services, Insurance, Banking, Credit Finance, Advertising agency, Network services.

Sony Corporation Main Executives

  • Shuzo Sumi (Chairman)
  • Kenichiro Yoshida (President, Chief Executive Officer & Director)
  • Hiroki Totoki (Chief Financial Officer & Director)
  • Toru Katsumoto (Senior Managing Executive Officer, Head-R&D)
  • Makoto Toyoda (Chief Information Officer & Executive Officer)
  • Naomi Matsuoka (Executive Officer, Head-Administration & IR)
  • Shinji Odashima (Senior Manager-Open Innovation & Collaboration)
  • Yoshinori Saito (GM-Financial Group, Entertainment & Planning)
  • Tsuyoshi Kodera (Executive Vice President)
  • Shigeki Ishizuka (Senior Executive Vice President)
  • Yasuhiro Ueda (Executive Officer & Head-Technology Relations)
  • Ichiro Takagi (Senior Managing Executive Officer)
  • Kazuhiko Takeda (Executive Officer)
  • Tim Schaaff (Director & Head-Information Security)
  • Atsuko Murakami (Executive Officer & Head-Finance Project)
  • Natsuko Takei (Senior General Manager-Legal Affairs & Compliance)
  • Rob Stringer (Managing Executive Officer & Head-Music Business)
  • Shigeru Ishii (Managing Executive Officer)
  • Michinori Mizuno (Managing Executive Officer & Head-Music Business)
  • Terushi Shimizu (Managing Executive Officer, Head-Imaging & Sensing)

Sony Corporation Board of Directors

  • Shuzo Sumi, 72 (Chairman)
  • Kenichiro Yoshida, 60 (President, Chief Executive Officer & Director)
  • Hiroki Totoki, 55 (Chief Financial Officer & Director)
  • Tim Schaaff, 60 (Director & Head-Information Security)
  • Sakae Akiyama, 57 (Independent Director)
  • Wendy Becker, 53 (Independent Director)
  • Yoshihiko Hatanaka, 62 (Independent Outside Director)
  • John Victor Roos, 64 (Independent Outside Director)
  • Koichi Miyata, 66 (Independent Outside Director)
  • Eriko Sakurai, 59 (Independent Outside Director)
  • Kazuo Matsunaga, 67 (Vice Chairman)
  • KunihitoMinakawa, 65 (Independent Outside Director)
  • Toshiko Oka, 55 (Independent Outside Director)

How to contact Sony Corporation Headquarters

Office Location: The company has established its headquarters in Sony City, Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

Office Address: In Japan, the company has setup head office at 1-7-1 Konan Minato-Ku, 108-0075 Japan.

Phone Number: For any kind of information, you can contact with the team of Sony Corporation by calling at Phone Number: 81-3-6748-2111

Fax Number: If you want to do fax to company, so you can use Sony Corporation headquarters fax number: +81 3 54482244

Email ID: This is the next one and best option to contact company for any kind of information like general information, sales support, technical support, many more, just simple send mail to the Sony Corporation headquarters mailing address: NA

Official Website: For more information about headquarters, branches, as well as company, you can visit the official website of Sony Corporation:

Sony Corporation Social Accounts

You can also contact through official social pages like facebook, instagram, twitter, as well as YouTube channel.

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